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About Us

Gravity Talent & Media, is a 360º Entertainment & Media Agency building some of the most promising talent & growing brands in India & across the globe. Being one of India's leading companies in our niche, we pride ourselves on the targets we achieve using modern solutions. We exclusively represent many of the most successful artists native to the country as well as some of the biggest names globally working in Music & Digital Content.


 Through our strategic partnerships, with companies domestic & international, we are able to upscale our client’s goals while delivering the highest quality of opportunities and bringing in maximum visibility in the process.

 Aside from the plethora of work with our network of artists & creators where we thrive in the Entertainment & Media business, we provide a wide range of online & offline strategic services to artists, creators, corporate clients and more. We thrive on creating unique and memorable experiences in the lives of all those associated through our various services. 

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